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  1. Complete name of the enterprise/company

Private enterprise “OSV Technologiya”

  1. Name, surname and position of the managing director of the enterprise/company

Mr. Alexey Kuznetsov, Director

  1. Contact data of the enterprise/company and of the person authorized to work with foreign partners (postal address, e-mail, telephone/fax)

190, Gvardeiskaya Str., Tsyurupinsk, Kherson region, 75101, Ukraine

Contact person – Mr. Yuriy Shafran, Foreign Trade Activities Director

Mob. tel.: +380 (67) 5515144, +380 (67) 5539579

Tel./fax: +380 (5542) 45966

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  1. Enterprise/company profile

OSV Technologiya is a Ukrainian private enterprise which operates in the field of various polymeric materials processing.

Our activity consists of the three key areas:

Production of OSV machinery for mixing and metering of a wide range of polymeric materials;

Sales of polyurethanes, silicones, decorative acrylic resins, release agents, fillers, pigments and various auxiliary materials;

Working-out and application of modern technologies for polymers processing.

But, of course, the prior area of our company activity intending to work with foreign partners is the production of OSV equipment for mixing, metering and casting of a various range of polymers – polyurethane elastomers, rigid and flexible foams, silicones, epoxy resins and adhesives etc.

OSV Technologiya Company also designs and develops the whole industrial complexes of equipment – for example, production lines for lining of metal sheets, shafts and pipes or for sandwich panels production. OSV machinery is equipped by various parts and details produced in many countries all over the world, by such well-known companies like Siemens, Beinlich, Kracht and others. But the heart of each OSV machine, the mixing head, is produced exclusively at OSV Technologiya Company by Ukrainian specialists.

We aim to give our customers the opportunity to work with modern materials, using automatic equipment and realize new technologies. Every time when our new customers or those who have been cooperating with us for a long time send us their request we try to offer them such a solution that would be the best one for them and their applications. This approach allows our customers to get an effective, ready-to-use solution for their business, whether it is elements of architectural décor production or automotive sets.

The main task of OSV Technologiya is to use our knowledge and experience, promote good, safe, efficient and beneficial use of polymeric materials, machinery and technologies to process them in various industries.

  1. If the enterprise/company already exports to foreign markets? Which products/services?

OSV mixing and metering equipment has successfully been working in different countries – starting from traditionally Ukrainian and Russian markets to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Iran, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey.

We are proud that our mark «Made in Ukraine» can also be seen on OSV technical equipment.

  1. What regions (countries) are of particular interest for your enterprise/ company regarding exports operations? Which products/ services your enterprise/company is ready to export?

Primarily, OSV Technologiya intends to work with foreign partners from Eastern and Western European countries, as well as from South East Asian markets. Our company is ready to export OSV equipment for mixing, metering and casting of a various range of polymers – polyurethane elastomers, rigid and flexible foams, silicones, epoxy resins and adhesives etc.

  1. What infrastructure or investment projects, tenders abroad are of particular interest for the enterprise/company regarding your participation?

OSV Technologiya is interested in all proposals for participation in various infrastructure or investment projects, tenders abroad that directly concern the mixing and metering equipment for processing of a various range of polymeric materials and PU industry in general.

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