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Full name of the company, year of foundation *

Maritime Inter Service LLC, 2006

ID (registration) code*

Code EDRPOU: 34746056

Head of the compa ny *

Kuryk Yur iy

Products offered for export *

- wheat -   sunflower - sorghum

- barley -   soya -   beans

- rye - rape - peas

- oats - flax - mustard

- co rn -   m ill et -    buckwheat

- differenl kind s of oils

- flour, etc.

Name a nd code of the product in

l 00 I wheat and mesIin

accordance with the HCDCS

1206 sun flower seeds; whether or not broken

(Harmonized commodity

l 007    Grain sorghum

description and coding system) *

1003 barley

1201    soya beans, whether or not broken

1002 rye

I 205    rape or colza seeds; whether or not broken

J 003 barley

071320 Vegetables, legum i nous; chickpea (garbanzos), hell ed,

whether or not sk i n ned or sp lit , d ried

200540 Vegetable preparations· peas (pi um sat ivum ), prepared or

preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, not frozen

I 004 oats

5306    flax yarn

120750 Oi l seed ; mu stard see ds, whether or not broken

l 005    Maize (corn)

1 008 Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds; othe r cereal

11 01 Wheat or mesIin flour

151211 Vegetable oils; sunflower seed or safflower oil and their

fractions, crud e, not chemically modified

151219 Vegetable oils ; sunflower seed or afflower oil and their

fractions, othe r than crude, whether or not refi ned, but not

chemically modified

151511 Vegetable oil ; linseed OIL and it fractions, crude, not

chem ically modified

151519 Vegetable oil ; linseed OIL and it fract ion ·, oth r than

crude, whether or not r fined , but not chem ica ll y modified

151521 Vegetable oils; maize (corn) OIL and  i ts fract ion . cr ude,

not chemically modified

15 I 529 Vegetable oils; maize (corn) OIL and its fractions, other

than crude , whether or not refined , but not chem ica lly modified

071331 Vegetables, legum i nous; beans of the speeies vigna

mungo (I.) hepper or vigna radiata (I.) il czek, shelled, whether or

not skinned or split, dried

071332 Ve getables , legum i nous; ma l l red (adzuki) bean

(phaseolus or vigna angu laris), shelled, whether or not sk i n ned or spl it, dried






Full name of the company, year of foundation *


ID (registration) code *


Head of the company *

Viniar Volodymyr CEO

Products offered for export *

Dried vegetables, fruits jams, berries jams

Name and code of the product in accordance with the HCDCS (Harmonized commodity description and coding system) *

0712 20 00 00, 0712 90 90 00, 0712 90 50 00, 0712 31 00 00,

0712 90 05 00, 2007 99 33 00, 2007 99 35 00, 2007 99 39 00

Available quality certificates, permits, licenses etc.

Countries where the company currently sells its products

Approximate prices, volume and terms of supply

Contact information (mail address, website, e-mail, phone, fax, English speaking contact person) *

Andrii Slipchenko (commercial director) Această adresă de e-mail este protejată de spamboţi; aveţi nevoie de activarea JavaScript-ului pentru a o vizualiza


Viniar Volodymyr (CEO)

.  in  a @  i e  .c  m. a


Additional useful information, comments

Our company is building new plant of manufacturing of dried vegetables. We are planning start our work in Fall of 2017.




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